Earn extra cash with your blog, website, or email newsletter.

Making money as an affiliate is a snap. Just place one of our links where your visitors,customers, and friends will see it and  you'll earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your ads.

What is an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program pays you for sending your customers to our website. Affiliate marketing programs like ours don't require any fees and are easy to set up, so there's no risk to you.

What should I look for in an affiliate program?

The best affiliate programs center on products that are in high demand like domains, hosting, and related products and services. Look for a program that pays out well and that offers 24/7 support in case you have questions. It's a plus if the brand is widely recognized.



Anyone that refers us a client has the potential to receive affiliate commissions on 3 levels deep.

As we get you started on your online business venture why not profit or help reduce your cost by referring friends in the drop-shipping/online ecommerce business.  Then maybe you can show the breakdown: / ladder with affiliate commission breakdown.

Affiliate Commission structure:

As you get started in your online business, take advantage of the opportunity by referring friends to our web-building network in the drop-shipping/online ecommerce business and benefit in our 3-tier commission structure.  As we all know the first year of business operation can be very costly and frustrating while you’re wait to make your first sale.  At our goal is not only to get you on your way with your own website but also award our members with affiliate commissions on 3 levels just for referring others.

Our Affiliate commission breakdown:

1st Level:  10% You directly refer a client to our website.

2nd Level:  6%    Your referral refers a client to our website.

3rd Level:   3%     Your referral’s – referrals (refers) a client to our website.

Below is just a break out showing the possible amounts you could earn for each program

Bundle Cost

350.00 $

 450.00 $

550.00 $

Earning percentage




Level 1

35.00 $

45.00 $

55.00 $

Level 2

21.00 $

27.00 $

33.00 $

Level 3

10.50 $

13.50 $

16.50 $